Private Fittings

At our New York City location, our clients are able to schedule fittings in the comfort of our private showroom. This allows us to dig into our client’s wardrobes and help them with what they’re looking for and what they may actually need from a custom clothing perspective.

During the private fitting, clients are asked numerous questions about what they’re looking for, their favored fit, purpose of their purchase, and so on. The answers to these questions, allow us to help advise our clients accordingly. Whether is be providing them the proper knowledge on the fit appropriate for their body type or helping them choose the best quality fabric for the occasion at hand.

Secondly, our clients will have their measurements taken and a profile created, that will be stored for future purchases. Once the order is placed, the turnaround is about 4-5 weeks (Holidays May Interfere with Turnaround Times). Once the garment arrives, it is prepared by our team for the first garment fitting, where the client tries on the garment for the first time and, if necessary, adjustments are noted and alterations are made by our tailors.

Lastly, the client has their final fitting, where we confirm the fit is perfect and to their liking. After this fitting, we communicate with our quality control team at our factory to make the adjustments to the client’s patterns for any future purchases.

Mobile Fitting Services (Home and/or Office)

We do offer in-home services to our clients, where we service clients all over New York, New Jersey, and Long Island. These fittings are the same process as the private fittings, except that we do require a upfront charge of $500 to assure that a purchase will be made. Just as we cherish our clients time, we hope that our clients understand the value of convenience, through a fitting at the comfort of their own home and/or office.

In the case that a client must cancel, we ask that they cancel 24 hours in advance to receive a 100% refund on their deposit. If the cancellation happens within hours of the agreed time and date, then the client will only be refunded 50% of the deposit. Clients can cancel or inquire via email at

Nationwide & Worldwide Services

We love to cater to our clients anywhere and everywhere. Which is why we dedicate ourselves on providing services where ever our clients want us to go. These services are provided through events that we may be hosting in a specific location, if our client is looking to host an event with his friends, family, and/or colleagues and would like to have custom tailoring as part of their experience, or if it’s a wedding party looking to get fitted for an upcoming wedding.

If you’re interested, please inquire via email at

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