Founded in 1962, Grover & Grover is a bespoke clothing company known for its earnestness in quality and reliability. Grover & Grover seeks to provide that same service to its customers through private showrooms around the country, starting with its first location in New York City. Understanding that they are in the business of relationships, they want to cater to each one of their customers individually, both in-person and online.


Grover & Grover is not your regular fly by custom clothing shop or clothier -- instead a brand with three generations of experience and history that has developed a reputation of trust, quality, and excellence.

Recently launched, Grover & Grover opened its doors in the heart of the Financial District of New York City. Customers can Schedule A Fitting through the website, but we do offer our services worldwide in London, Thailand and through pop-up shops globally.


Grover & Grover is a vertically integrated company, by way of owning and controlling it's own production process. With their experience, they've realize that the best way to service their customers is to own and have control of the production process and focus their service on quality control. Currently, they house 30 Professional Tailors, which are overseen by 3 Master Tailors.

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